Research Group Early Access - Ancestral Productions 1-10-2021 YouTube video
January 09, 2021
Greetings All,

This Sunday's YouTube video is here. It discusses the "Ancestral Productions Brain" you will receive access to on Monday and the Egyptian "Art of Memory" that is being explored in the Preview to A Book of Thoth course.
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Good evening Ancestral Productions. I am grateful for your work! I only became aware of your YouTube channel about 1.5 months ago. YouTube algorithms repeatedly loaded one or two of your videos into my feed until I finally clicked and watched, and became fascinated with your research. Completely eye-opening in many ways. I do have a question regarding the 'Brain' mappings. I am unable to find the 'Scholars' map. How do I find this? Currently I'm re-reading Dr Bynum's The African Unconscious because it's been awhile and you keep referencing it. Thank you for memory jog.

May the Divine always shine on you ⦿

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