Research Group Early Access 12-21-2020 Planetary Conjunction video
December 21, 2020
Greetings All,

Research Group Members are receiving this video before its 6:00 pm Ancestral Production's YouTube channel release. Its content will bear even deeper significance when we begin our chapter by chapter preview to A Book of Thoth starting December 31st. You can expect more details about this and more on Wednesday's weekly post.

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At 3:15 when you show the YHWH serpent glyphs from Har Karkom, the set on the bottom features what reminds me of a menorah. This menorah displays the doubling sequence of (1)-3-6-12. 3 points at the base, 6 arms coming out from the center beam & 12 candles or dots. (Chanukah = K-NKH = a group K of gems/glowing objects NKH) The base also appears to be formed using the upward arms of shu just turned upside down to form a tripod with the center beam.

Ancestral Productions

Greetings Omar Roper,

It reminded me of a menorah as well. I did not consider the "(1)-3-6-12" doubling that is readable either. Considering this, I find it interesting that the Benin (Edo/Yoruba, West Africa) creation account we will discuss also encodes a double (1)-3-6-12 sequence in its first three iterations. I've dabbled with the Chanukah etymology as well. Shining/glowing reminds me of ha-nachash. After a closer look, I too can see why the upside down trident form reminded you of Shu, which I relate to the Hebrew shin in related contexts and Niger Congo speakers. Your points are well taken.

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